We, Techovative, a family of certified IT professional as well as healthcare professionals a reliable and trusted provider. Bring the latest technology in the region. We are consistent in delivering innovative and efficient solutions for our customers nationwide from designing, developing & implementing integrated solutions.Technology is changing the world around us at an incredible pace. In an extraordinary competitive environment, as a healthcare provider must respond to market drivers and patient expectations with an agility that is now seen as a critical success factor. With growing government regulations and increasing healthcare awareness, it is important more than ever that your business models evolve. You need to move towards change and agility proactively to accomplish better competitive positions and contribute greater value to the communities we serve. Under the techovative umbrella with large number of hardware and software solutions, specialized in system integration, IT infrastructure end-end enablement, Clod management and many other horizons.we proviging a

a.Consultancy Services

b. Technology Innovation Services

With a dynamic blend of highly qualified project managers, software developers, security experts, network engineers, Biomedical/Clinical Engineers, consultants complimented by state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Responsible Organization

Techovative will be responsible for the provision & Installation of IT Infrastructure, Hardware/Software, Healthcare Information System, Healthcare Technology Management, Consultancy, Quality Assurance and support, and as a Service Provider.


To be among the most admired companies in the world of ICT and Life Care Technology.


To enable smarter ICT and healthcare that delivers improved outcomes. For our professionals, to provide a stimulating work environment that recognizes and rewards their hard work, providing them with the opportunity for both personal & professional growth for our partners in the Life Care ecosystem

Value Statement

We are committed to Customer Satisfaction, People Empowerment and Profitable Growth

Quality Statement

To achieve sustained and profitable growth by providing quality services which consistently satisfies customer needs and expectations

Core Business

Techovative is basically an IT company. Our services revolve around the Information Technology industry. Core business of the company can be divided into four categories

  1. Network (LAN/WAN) Datacentre Hosting
  2. Software Design and Development
  3. Healthcare Information System
  4. Hospital Management & Information System
  5. Healthcare Technology
  6. Android/IOS Application Development
  7. Consultancy in the areas we specialize
  8. Web Development/Hosting
  9. 3D Modelling/Designin
  10. Consultation in ICT and Healthcare Technology Management

Human Resources

Techovative employees are well educated, flexible and ambitious who thrive on change and challenge, are innovative, self-confident and accept responsibility by taking initiative and adapting to a stimulating international working environment.

Our Technical Expertise Includes

  1. Experienced Managers
  2. Electrical Engineers
  3. Biomedical Engineer
  4. Computer System/ Software Engineers
  5. Designers/Developers
  6. Consultants
  7. Doctors

Certified IT Professional Includes

  1. Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
  2. Juniper Networks Certified Associate (JNCIA-Junos)
  3. Juniper Networks Certified Professional, Security (JNCIP-SEC)
  4. Juniper Networks Certified Professional, Service Provider Routing & Switching (JNCIPSP)
  5. Juniper Networks Certified Specialist, Security (JNCIS-SEC)
  6. Juniper Networks Certified Specialist, Service Provider Routing & Switching (JNCIS-SP)

Certified IT Professional Includes

  1. Configuring & Monitoring QFabric Systems (CMQS)
  2. Troubleshooting QFabric Systems (TQS)
  3. Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE)
  4. Microsoft Certified System Administrator (MCSA)
  5. Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)
  6. Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD)
  7. Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA)
  8. Oracle Certified Professional (OCP)
  9. Sun Certified JAVA programmer
  10. Project Management Professional (PMP)
  11. ITIL Foundations


IT Infrastructure

Having vast experience in Data Center Deployment including Installation and Configuration of Servers, SAN devices, Network Devices and Application Tiers. We are experts in all kinds of IT equipment especially Juniper/Cisco/ Brocade and Huawei Network Devices, NetAPP/ EMC SAN, IBM/ SUN/ HP Servers, Oracle, WiFi Solutions etc . We have achieved following by virtue of our core expertise

  1. Constructing new Data Centers and delivering high performance solutions for Business Continuation.
  2. Integrating HMIS applications in Data Centers as end to end solution.
  3. Given several security solutions for implementing Intrusion Detection and Prevention.
  4. Support Engineer for rectification of faulty network Equipment. In depth knowledge of Juniper, Cisco and Brocade Equipment.
  5. Worked on enterprise level solutions encompassing Disaster Recovery, Identity and Access Management, SOA, Web services, Messaging and Business applications to transform the organization into an IT Enabled body thus enhancing overall efficiency and productivity.
  6. Expertise in the development of nationwide enterprise applications involving largescale Data Centers established for public sector organization.
  7. Tasks of performance tuning/optimization and recommending necessary design changes utilizing the IBM Tivoli, Orient NMS, Juniper STRM and Junos Space Network suite.
  8. Carried out tuning of Application server connection pool, thread pool and JVM to deliver maximum throughput with available system resources.

Services Delivery

Network Deployment:Network designing and architecture deployment with performance monitoring and security enhancements using Switches and Hardware Firewalls.

Backup Solutions, DR and Business Continuity:. Installation and deployment of SAN, Physical/ Virtual Tape libraries, Backup and DR software.

Business Applications: We offer business applications design and development using modern web technologies. We have expertise in developing, deploying and stabilizing these applications using Java’s JSF technology. We have experience with feature rich GUIs of Richfaces, Primefaces and Ice-faces. Application development is done using three tier model (User Interface, Business logic and data access) using feature rich APIs of hibernate and spring frameworks.

Application Integration:Application Integration is a core requirement in modern enterprises. Different systems running in an enterprise need to integrate and share data at some point. Accomplishing this task provides a wholesome picture of the enterprise to executive on single dashboard. We have expertise in integrating different applications using web services, java messaging technology and middleware servers and applications. This also enables SOA roadmap for an enterprise.

Services Delivery

Integration Over Spread of an Enterprise:An integration challenge is faced by enterprises when semi-autonomous sections are spread over multiple cities or countries. Flow of information and data from one part to the other on need to know basis is required. We accomplish this task in an efficient manner ensuring data integrity and security.

Identity and Access Management:With more number of applications being used within an enterprise, central identity and access management becomes a nightmare. We provide solutions to reconcile and verify user identities and control access from one dashboard.

Enterprise Product Suites:

  1. IBM Websphere Application server Network Deployment
  2. Oracle Identity Manager
  3. Oracle Access Manager
  4. IBM Websphere MQ server
  5. IBM service integration bus
  6. Oracle Enterprise Manager with Oracle DB 11g
  7. Oracle SOA suite
  8. Weblogic server
  9. Glassfish server
  10. Tomcat server
  11. Apache http server
  12. ArcGIS 10.1

Software Development:

  1. 2EE, Hibernate, Spring
  2. JSF v 1.2 and 2.0, RichFaces, PrimeFaces, Icefaces
  3. Web Services, XML
  4. JMS, Foreign Bus Links, Messaging Engine
  5. ArcGIS API for flex

Programing Language:
  1. Java, .NET
  2. Javascript
  3. SQL, PL/SQL
  4. Matlab


  1. Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  2. Windows server 2008 R2
  3. Proteus, Code Composer studio, Keil µ-vision, Atmel 8051 Microcontroller,
  4. Data Center Infrastructure
  5. Servers: IBM ppc, Oracle M series, Sun SPARC, Huawei x86 servers.
  6. Windows: Active Directory, DNS
  7. Identity Management
  8. Access Management
  9. Enterprise service bus

Consultancy in HTM / HIS

Techovative offers innovative Healthcare facilities consulting services including medical equipment planning solutions amongst other services that incorporate cultural awareness with economic and environmental responsibility.

Our interdisciplinary teams work collaboratively with our clients on each phase of a project from concept to operation. Using our proprietary in-house software application, we prepare integrated drawings that integrate function with space, medical equipment, furniture and electro-mechanical requirements which comply with local in-country equipment and technical requirements.

Collaboratively with our clients we plan and design optimal environments for care providers and patients.


iHealth-Cure(iHC)-Hospital Management & Information System (HMIS).

Designed for next generation interoperability, it enables seamless information exchange across all stakeholders in Healthcare facility.iHC-HMIS aims to automate and simplify the patient record documentation, clinical and business process with storage and retrieval process. The iHC-HMIS acts as the backbone to delivering immaculate patient care, establishing efficient processes and maximizing productivity.

The thought of transferring years of paper patient records into an electronic format is overwhelming for most physicians. Many of the daily inadequacies and headaches of the paper chart continue to be overlooked because the alternative consequences seem steeper, when in fact, they are not. iHC-HMIS is a huge undertaking but one that doesn't have to be overwhelming.

The iHC-HMIS will show the patient’s history by reading the central services availed database. This way all the patient visits to the hospital and the activities/ services availed during the visit will be available to the user in a very short response time and each entry will be followed by a link which will open the department specific page for that particular availed service.

By ensuring swift patient record documentation at the point of care the HIS eliminates the burden of illegible writing, paper processes or unorganized records. A one-click search allows instant retrieval of patient notes, medications and vital documents ensuring that the physician makes the best-informed clinical decisions.

View patient summary data on one screen. Take a quick glance at patient medications, allergies, problems, procedures, clinical notes and more. You can also see lab results, patient-related images. Expand the screen for more detail –even jump to entry screens. Drop-down lists, buttons and tabs make navigating a breeze. You customize the Summary Screen to display the information you want to see.

HMIS is mainly divided into three business area as under:

Health Information System.

Electronic Medical Record (EMR).

Electronic Health Record (EHR).

ERP and Financials.

iHC-Pictures Archiving & Communication System (PACS)

iHC-HMIS covers the patient and clinical services also workflows. It starts with system definitions and take cares the patient’s entry to hospital till exit.

  1. Towards Digital Health (E-Health)
  2. Hand written medical prescriptions lead to serious problems resulting from errors in writing and reading. Typically prescriptions have very limited information of patient such as vital signs, conditions, diagnosis and medications resulting deficiencies in quality care.Hand written prescriptions and patient records management on papers over a long period of time does not deliver any decision making assistance because consultants have to view multiple paper-based records (if at all available) which is time taking and error prone.

    Over dosage, less dosage, incorrect choice of drugs and failure to recognize adverse effects are serious and potentially avoidable occurrences. Similarly, patients may not get effective treatment or would get ineffective treatment. Chronic disease treatment over the longer period of time is big problem when patient history is not effectively used in prior investigations and conditions

  3. Better care through Digital Health (E-Health)
  4. Today with right tool and information availability, a doctor sitting at his clinic can say good-bye to paper based medical records. Paper based medical records just only provide the view of past history but to extract something out of it in real time is challenging and time taking but from an Information Technology (IT) system placed in physician clinic one can easily see what is going on in laboratory, when he can get his patient’s reports and what is status of his patients.

    For a physician to see drug’s clinical information is of immaculate value. Without information system, lot of time for both patient and physician is wasted in communications. Past history and analysis data, which only an information system can provide, can save lot of lives. Analysis and trends of vital signs and improvements index can aid the healthcare in quite better way. Drugs interactions, allergies and patient dosages in right quantity are the key indicators of such system. Electronic prescriptions help to reduce prescription errors, wrong dosages and it improves quality of patient care. Our prime focus is developing research-based application with rich user experience. Key element of this system would be its interface, which would encourage the physicians to high throughput and adoptability.

    It is established fact that such system can bring better patient care especially in environment like ours where role of IT in healthcare has not gone beyond the discussions. Practice management along with Electronic Prescription (E-Rx) which primarily can provide physicians a system where records of patients are managed along with assistance in clinical decision-making. E-Rx system enables the physician to have ready access to his specialty templates and patient historical information of prior visits, prescriptions, investigation, diagnosis, patient charts etc. The system provides access to patient specific, coupled vocabularies information and interoperable clinical data besides enabling rich research potentials in multi-lingual templates.

    Electronic-Health system can make its mark to provide these key benefits for better patient care by addressing these issues:

  1. Reduced hand writing and reading errors
  2. Rich research potential and better analytical factors
  3. Fragmented paper based records transformation to electronic records(EHR/EMR)
  4. Chronic disease management & continuity of care over a longer period of time

Patient Portal would be available on cloud where patient profile, investigations, medications administration records and prescriptions would be available along with historical clinical data of patient. Patients would be able to have their prescriptions, vitals information and self-monitoring accessible all the time. Using the same patient would be able to put his vitals, medications, investigations 24x7 via his portal secured by authentications. It would also provide the facility to generate alerts for the communication with physician and appointment requests.

Key benefits expected from Electronic Health Record (in discrete terms)

  1. Minimum writing errors with medical dictionary linking for spell checks and corrections
  2. Standard medication lists from where physician would be able to select his preferred medications and configure dosage guidelines
  3. Patient history of previous visits, prescriptions, diagnosis, Investigation, treatment plan and follow-up visits etc
  4. Medication records showing patient medications over a period of time with standard guidelines
  5. Medical Records documents management which could be images, documents or patient charts and summaries
  6. Vital signs and investigation charts
  7. Calculated values e.g. Body Mass Index(BMI), Body Surface Area(BSA)
  8. Clinical decision making aids
  9. Drug Interactions alerts
  10. Avoidable drug events alerts
  11. Dosage alerts
  12. Admissions and Emergencies information
  13. Voice and text notes attached to patient
  14. Services and cash handling
  15. Research, analytics with different and required parameters as per consultant requirement
  16. Physician Portal, Patient Portal
  17. Patient Education and counseling materials
  18. Patient treatment summary
  19. Better auditing (Clinical & Non-Clinical)
  20. Easy Patient visits and records tracking.
  21. Patient profiles and appointments management
  22. Automated appointment reminders for the patients
  23. Electronic Prescriptions
  24. Solution for practice management covering diverse workflows
  25. Multi-lingual support for medications and instructions

Being a patient, this always comes to mind that something is missing in communication with physician for which patient have to wait for next visit. Till the damage is done in most of cases. Patient would be linked securely via authentications to their healthcare data where they would be able to play their role in better care which would be communicated to their physicians as well.


PACS Storage and Reporting System not only boosts the performance and efficiency of a healthcare organization but also reduces un necessary delays and keeps track of patient history.With PACS, radiologists have been able to store, retrieve, and manage patient radiology reports in a more organized manner. Because PACS allows images and reports to be stored digitally, it makes it easy for physicians to store data and manage patient reports in a better way. Reports and radiology images can be organized in a consistent manner with this system. So, whenever any past report is required, physicians can simply retrieve patient files through the software instead of looking through their pile. Keeping our working norms and culture in sight, only a comprehensive and customized solution built indigenously in Pakistan can offer such advantage, whereas commercial off the shelf (COTS) products may provide a quick solution but cannot guarantee long term benefits.

We offer a customized solution which is comprehensive and user friendly. It suits our healthcare culture and can ensure increase in overall efficiency of the organization.

1.Need for PACS:

Automating storage and retrieval of medical imaging modalities is necessary for present day healthcare due to following reasons:

  1. Patient History: Patient history is essential for better diagnosis and treatment. Digitizing patient’s imaging and radiology data will improve healthcare.
  2. Piles of Radiology records: Old record has been piled up in huge quantities which wastes lot of office space and is difficult to handle.
  3. Loss of Images: Due to storage of digitized images, there is no way a study can be lost by patients’ negligence or other factors.
  4. Cost of printing: Radiology images are printed for viewing and reporting. This is a huge overhead on organization budget.
2.Advantage of PACS:

Central Radiological Reporting Unit brings a clean working environment for doctors, where they can work more efficiently. It provides a central repository for central reporting and which everyone can access from his office based on his role. Medical studies become easily accessible. Security & privacy of information is now guaranteed with control on visibility of studies to concerned doctors / medical staff only.

3.Components of iHC-PACS

Office automation has three main components which are:

  1. DICOM Study storage.
  2. It has the ability to store DICOM studies in a structured way, making its retrieval easier. Information is stored keeping in view patient and doctor roles and rights.

  3. Data Management.
  4. This function ensures that data is appropriately managed. Different strategies are involved in managing data growth e.g., partitioning, archiving etc.

  5. Data Exchange.
  6. Enterprise can have multiple systems running together which will require info exchange with iHC PACS system.


Following advantages are offered by our solution:

  1. Efficient Storage
  2. Fast and accurate retreiva
  3. Compression of large volumes of data
  4. Security & privacy of data
5.What our solution offers

Our solution makes life easier for healthcare professionals and patients. It provides efficient storage and real time retrieval of radiological studies. Managers get visibility of all under command sections and departments. All processes and workflows are customized to suit your needs. A role base management platform is provided which ensure security of information.

6.Salient features.
  1. Efficient Storage
  2. Real Time Retreival
  3. Patient History Record
  4. Increase productivity and visibility
  5. Role based management
  6. Storage Optimization
  7. Increase patient satisfaction
  8. Performance and Reliability
  9. PACS Viewer
  10. Least cost and customized for you
7.iHC PACS Components.

Following functionalities / components are provided by this system

  1. DICOM receiving service
  2. DICOM storage
  3. Retrieval and Viewing
  4. Seamless integration with modalities
  5. Push new studies to CRRU
  6. Viewing and Reporting at CRRU
  7. Tracking of patient record using MR No
  8. Push radiology reports from CRRU to Local iHC PACS server
  9. Reporting
8. Initial roll-out hick-ups.

Initial roll-out is the most important phase of deploying iHCPACS which requires close collaboration of vendor and hospital administration. These include

  1. Expensive first time:Solution looks more expensive with more hardware and infrastructure coming in.
  2. More technical:Hospital / medical staff transitions from non/semi technical to more technical which require enhancement in its technical HR.
  3. Resistance to change:Generally, doctors resist a change. User can bring lots of excuses for not using the system. This can be overcome by a comprehensive training plan.
  4. Training cost and time:This cost is high initially and more time is required to train users.
  5. No use while electricity cut-off:This argument comes across every day during initial roll-out. However properly designed power backups can reduce the risk.
9. Technical Architecture:

It is a web application built using JSF framework in Java language.

  1. Clients:

    Client devices (Computers and laptops) access the application from a web browser.

  2. Web server:

    This Http Request arrives at web server which routes it to J2EE server. Web server also provides facility for load balancing and high availability.

  3. iHC PACS server:

    It is a standard J2EE server. Application is deployed in the web container of J2EE server. It performs the function of authentication of user and authorization from our custom build solution. Authorization rules are built in the application.

  4. Storage:

    Application is developed using MySQL database. This server houses all data that is processed by the application. Studies are stored in compressed format on the server. This server provides the strength of database management, performance, scalability and high availability.

10. Technical features:

iHC PACS is a web application which is developed in Java using secure, stable and latest APIs. It has following built in technical features:

  1. Stability:

    Over all development framework have been chosen based upon stability and reliability.

  2. Scalability:

    Overall architecture is scalable to any extent. Increase in user base or usage can be easily managed.

  3. High Availability:

    This feature is a must for enterprise. Java and related technologies offer great capacity to ensure high availability.

  4. Performance:

    Performance of this solution is guaranteed. Since the solution is developed by us, any bottlenecks can be easily identified and resolved as compared to a commercial product

  5. Data management:

    This solution has a great capacity to manage huge data growth. Features of Java (caching), File store and mysql (partitioning and archiving) provide a strong platform for managing huge data and ensuring performance.

  6. Integrity:

    Data integrity is ensured at each step in the system. A versioning module is included which updates versioning info of each record to ensure data integrity. Pdf file format strengthens this feature.

Computerize Management Maintenance System

Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is a complete software package which maintains your maintenance operations. This helps maintenance-workers do their jobs more effectively i.e. determining which machines require maintenance and which storerooms contain the spare parts they need etc. It also helps management to make informed decisions. CMMS data may also be used to verify regulatory compliance. Maintenance history of the device should be monitored in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the maintenance program as shown in below figure.

Some of the following information can thus be obtained:

  1. Computation of downtime: can be expressed as service completed, time and date – work order opened, time and date. Estimated time the equipment is not available for patient treatment
  2. Average time to repair: total service time / total service calls, which can be broken down by device code to determine devices that exceed the expected repair times, by manufacturer to identify poor-quality products or by technician to determine the need for training.
  3. Response time: service response, time and date – work order opened, time and date. Customer satisfaction is directly linked to responsiveness of service.
  4. Operator error / no defect actions: use work order actions: codes to identify problems.
  5. Repeat repair: historical data are used to identify repeat repairs. Excessive repeats can indicate that a technician may need training, operators may abuse the equipment, or equipment has become unreliable