About us

Summit Healthcare Consultants is a professionally managed consultancy organization focusing on:

  • Health Management Systems.
  • Turnkey Hospital Solutions and Technology Management.
  • Summit Consultants are well endowed with technical expert is and experience to comprehensively assimil at projects from conceptualization,execution,and operational management to turn key project management
  • Summit is proud to be associated with a number of reputed international consultants and consultancy organizations for drawing their rich experience,latest trends and innovations qualitatively in the field of healthcare.
  • The Summit with its on going in-house research and quality improvement systemal ways strive to keep polished with these technologies for providing cost effective and comprehensive latest solutions to the clients.

Quality Policy

“To maintain leadership and customer confidence by providing continually improving quality consultancy services in the Healthcare sector”

Our Vision

“To be a leading consulting company providing value-added,innovative and integrated services for enhancing healthcare in Pakistan and overseas, leveraging its core competence in other infrastructure projects and providing an invigorating and enabling work environment to its professional employees”.


“SUMMIT commits to provide the services by utilizing the past experience and modern trends indeveloping,executing and optimizing quality healthcare delivery infrastructure and operating systems in customized manner.It envisions aglobal reach for its conceptualizations enthroning local perspectives.It lans to satisfy through consultancy,turn key projects and systems management services,research and creating a resource pool for healthcare organizations to access operational requirements.”

Our Services

  • Health Management System
  • Medica Equipment & Systems
  • Turn Key Hospital Solutions
  • Health Care Management Tranings
  • Establish And Development Of Biomedical Engineering Departments

Health Management Systems

  • Conceptual Design Study
  • Feasibility and Business Plan Development
  • Gap Analysis
  • Administration and Operations
  • Pre-Operations and Commissioning
  • Human Resource Development
  • Accreditation and Specialized Consulting

Hospital Engineering Systems

  • Record Keeping
  • Technical Advice
  • Planning and Costing
  • Managing Inventory
  • Maintenance Contracts
  • Managing HVAC system
  • Managing Hospital waste
  • Selection and Procurement
  • Implementing Safety Protocols
  • Any other related Assignment
  • Installation and Commissioning
  • Managing Workshop Facility
  • Maintenance and Repair Work

Hospital Engineering Systems

  • Maintenance and Repair Work
  • De-Commissioning and Disposal
  • Pre/ Post Qualification of firms
  • Training of users and Maintainers
  • Managing Passenger and Patient lifts
  • Managing Healthcare Specialized Vehicles
  • Stock control of Parts, Consumables etc
  • Preparation of Technical Specifications of goods

Medical Equipment & Systems

  • Hospital Engineering Systems
  • Medical Equipment Procurement Management
  • Planning and Development of Medical Equipment Specifications & Cost Estimates
  • Bid Analysis, Evaluation and Comparative Study
  • Contract Management
  • Supervision of Installation & Commissioning of Equipment
  • Medical Waste Management Services

Planning and Development

  • Planning and development of specifications on current trends with futuristic approach.
  • Room Equipment List
  • Quantification of Equipment & Systems.
  • Defining the quality & level of Equipment.
  • Cost Estimation.
  • Procurement Planning
  • Preparation of Bidding Documents and Invitation for Bid